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Xavier Roberts Originals

List of Xavier Roberts Original Cabbage Patch Kids for Sale!

Note: Blue Items listed have link to pictures!

1983 Cleveland Green Girl, SIGNED, one brown pony, blue eyes, ($400.00)
1983 Darker Green Girl, SIGNED, 2 champagne ponies, brown eyes, ($400.00)
1984 World Class Girl, 2 lemon ponies, blue eyes, ($425.00)
1984 Sweetheart Edition, Candi and Beau, set ($700.00)
1984 Bronze Girl, SIGNED, one lemon pony, brown eyes, ($200.00)

1982 Character Kids, set of 10, 7 SIGNED, sold as set only, ($10,000.00)
1984 Set of Daddy's Darlin's, SIGNED, sold as set of 4 only, ($1600.00)
1985 Irish set, ($325.00)
10th Anniversary Glass Mugs, (10.00) ea.

1984 Christmas, Carol and Chris, set ($500.00)
1986 Christmas, Migel and Hillery, set ($400.00)

Debonaire II Bear, ($100.00)

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Mass Produced Kids For Sale

1996 Olympic Kids

Tennis girl, red hair, SIGNED ($100.00)

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